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Join the Movement to Take Back Your Personal Data

Reclaim Your Data

Thousands of data brokers are buying and selling your data without your consent – join the movement to make them stop


We send cease and desist letters to data brokers requesting your data be permanently removed


We keep tabs on which data brokers have complied with your request and which have not.



We help you understand how your data is being monetized and used without your permission and take steps to protect it.

Block unauthorized access

Did you know that your personal information is freely accessible online? Data brokers make their fortunes collecting information about you and selling it without your consent.

DeleteAllMyData blocks unauthorized access to your personal data by having it removed from the source – the data brokers that are collecting it.

Control what the Internet knows about you

Take back control over what information you choose to share online.

DeleteAllMyData removes your rogue personal information from the Internet one data broker at a time.

Deleting All Your Data from the Internet Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We do all the heavy lifting to scrub your information from the data brokers so you don’t have to. All you have to do is subscribe. It takes under 3 minutes!

"This puts the power back into my hands and gives me control of my data."

– Denis

"If this only makes it more expensive for brokers to sell my data, it is worth it."

– Sarah

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