How it Works

Deleting all your data from the Internet is complicated. We make it simple.

The Cease and Desist Letter

Once you subscribe, we send cease and desist letters on your behalf to each of the data brokers in our database. Each cease¬†and desist letter is handcrafted by our attorneys for maximum response and efficacy. Then we lovingly fold your letter into an envelope, seal it, and bid it farewell on its journey to the data broker. We send each broker your letter via certified mail to prove receipt. Then we wait patiently by our mailbox for their response…

The Response

Not every data broker likes receiving cease and desist letters from you. They are making money off of your data after all. Some of them respond immediately to our requests. Others aren’t so kind. That’s putting it nicely. We manage all the legalese and nastiness that may come back from the broker on your behalf. We track and save their responses, so we can¬†follow up to ensure that your data is being removed.

Tracking & Follow Up

Sometimes a data broker forgets and adds your information again. And new data brokers are popping up every day. DeleteAllMyData tracks the data brokers so you don’t have to. When we find new data brokers or an existing one that hasn’t completely deleted your data, we repeat the process all over again. Automatically. As long as you are a member.

"I'm tired of being a victim when it comes to losing control of my personal data. Delete All My Data puts control back in my hands."


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