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Cease and Desist Letters

We send cease and desist letters to data brokers on your behalf. We’ve optimized our letters for maximum response and effectiveness.

Periodic Follow-Ups with Brokers

Sometimes brokers don’t actually delete your data. Sometimes it gets accidentally readded. We follow up with data brokers periodically to ensure that your data stays removed.

Cancel Anytime

We don’t hold your payment information hostage and force you to renew. Feel free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Broker Response Management

Data brokers send us their responses. We read each and every one. And respond accordingly.

Updates on Status

We provide you with periodic updates regarding the responses we’ve received from the data brokers.

In a perfect world, each data broker would permanently delete all your data and never collect information on you again. That rarely happens. We let you know which brokers are non-compliant, which ones are working towards compliance, and which ones have deleted your data.

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"It's about time that someone started to hold data brokers accountable for their data."

– Matt

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