The team at Delete All My Data participated in the Mass Innovation Nights 113 (#MIN113) and Denis got to present on the main stage!  See the video here, skip to 25 minutes in if you just want to see him speak.

We would also like to the thank The Center for the Arts in Natick (TCAN), a fantastic venue and gracious host.

We were not the only ones at the event, we spoke to some of the other entrepreneurs and here is a run down of what they do.

Loco Coffee Co – @DrinkLocoCoffee

Loco coffee co #MIN113

Loco coffee co #MIN113

These guys make me proud to be an entrepreneur.  Tired of milky / sugary coffee, they created their own batch mixing cold brew coffee with coconut water.  After failing with a few batches, they kept on going and today you can get their wares at Wholefoods or on Amazon.  With most coffee products, they have to ship cold, but they cracked the code to get it to you shelf stable at room temperature.  This allows them to ship via Amazon and you can just cool it off in your fridge.

Buy on Amazon


miles2share – @miles2share

A commuting solution that makes sense.  People that are already driving to your work pick you up and save you the hassle.  They have a unique scheme where you split the $0.54 per mile you can deduct on your taxes.  This makes it valuable for both parties and you do not have transfer money between the parties.  Free up our streets and sign up!

Credit @teambonding #MIN113

Credit @teambonding #MIN113

Adventure Activities USA – @adventureausa

This team rolled up with a ten person paddle board ready for action.  It was raining so hard that night, we probably could of used it to get to the after party @buttercupnatick.  If your camp or corporate outing needs action, these are the guys to call.

Credit @ctsweetremedies #MIN113

Credit @ctsweetremedies #MIN113

Chocolate Therapy – @ctsweetremedies

Excellent chocolate from a local entrepreneur.  What else do you need? If you need to make up a condition that needs therapy, fire at will.




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